Solar Powered LED/Security Lighting Systems


The market for low energy, highly efficient lighting products is enormous. Worldwide the LED market is estimated at $8.00 Billion and growing at 20% annually. The LED lamp will have five to ten times the life, no mercury, and ultra violet or infrared radiation. It will require significantly lower amount of energy and may be qualified in various incentive programs.

For comparison purposes, an incandescent bulb has an efficiency of 10 lumens per watt. A LED has an output of nearly 80 lumens per watt and is expected to reach 150 lumens per watt in the very near future. It appears Incandescent is the past, CFL is the present and LEDs is the future? With Australia and now Canada BANNING incandescent bulbs, Compact Fluorescent Lamps (CFL’s) are becoming an important topic considering hazardous materials like Mercury, normally associated with fluorescent technology.

Technology leaders will also have to deal

1) Potential government legislation to tax carbon emissions

2) incentive-based schemes to conserve energy, improve efficiency, no-emissions etc. to control pollution. Legislation means LEDs will become an even more significant issue to reduce local pollution and emissions of greenhouse gases. And in additions to evaluating various technologies, the incentive programs may need to be evaluated at the same time to make good financial sense for LEDs.

Few reasons to consider using LED’s as an option to Incandescent Lamps

Light Bulb CFL and LEDs Comparison

  • Low cost of ownership

  • Converts 85-90% of electricity directly into light- Incandescent converts about 10-15% of electricity into light rest is wasted as heat.

  • Greatly reduced energy costs

  • Works on low voltage 3-12 volts

  • Can be used in interior/external application

  • No UV emission

  • Non Polluting-No mercury

  • Unbreakable

  • Shock resistant

  • No heat radiation-Cool to touch

  • Low operation and maintenance costs

  • Amazingly long life (30,000-1,00,000 Hours) (incandescent lamp life is 8000-10000 hours)

  • Available in various colors

  • No filament to burn out.

  • Eventually replace all existing forms of lighting

Solar lights are immune to power outages and blackouts; there are no wires that thieves or terrorists can cut to darken all lights at once. The systems are dependable, vandal resistant, and have a battery backup.

Ideal for Pathways - Walkways – Trails – Fence and Security


  • Ultra safe

  • Not connected to grid - will work when power fails

  • No trenching, no wiring

  • No transformers, no meters

  • No connection fees, No electric bills

  • No maintenance for at least 5 years

  • Renewable energy - Environmentally friendly

  • Easy to install and relocate

  • Battery reserve provides operation on cloudy days

  • Unsurpassed performance and reliability

Following Information is needed for Preparing a Proposal

  • Where (what city) are the lights to be installed—the sun intensity is different all over the world which results in a different size product being required in KASHMIR and CHENNAI, for example;

  • What is the application for the lights (Roadway, Parking Lot, Area, etc)

  • Dimensions of the area that you want to illuminate (Length & Width)

  • If a specific intensity if required, please confirm how bright do you need the light? (high, medium, low?)

  • For how many hours each night are the lights desired? (a) All night? (b) 12 hours? (c) Other - be specific?

  • Will the lights be mounted on a pole, wall or fence?

  • What is the mounting height?

  • How many lights are needed?

  • You will buy and pay for Solar powered LED Lights?

  • Please provide references and your bank information ASAP.

  • Disha Electronics is company of system-integrators, manufacturers that conserves electricity, reduce local pollution, emissions of greenhouse gases and create sustainable employment.

    We are a professional team of skilled individuals, building sound, long term business relationships with our customers and our partners.

    From start to finish we manage the process of application engineering, designing, sourcing, implementing and operating best-in-class renewable solar energy and environmentally friendly solutions that enhance the value, use and marketability of resort properties, large retail outlets and government facilities; while conserving electricity, saving environment and creating sustainable employment


    Applied Research Projects – Captive Opportunities

    We introduce ourselves to local markets through applied research projects resulting captive opportunities.

    • Solar Mobile Solutions (SMS)

    • Solar-Electric Alternative Low-Speed Transport (SEAT-LV)

    • EV - Electric mini Trucks

    • Energy Recovery Technologies (HVAC)

    • Solar Powered Street and Security Light

    • Rechargeable Batteries

    • Zero" Energy Solutions

    • Geo-Thermal Energy Solutions

    • Waste (Bio Mass) to Energy

    Export Management Support Services

    Marketing and Promotions: We promote products and technologies that save energy, save environment and create in-country sustainable employment. For listing of events, conferences and trade shows please see “news update”.

    Sales Channels: We organize distribution and provide in house complete turn-key solutions for engineering based large captive opportunities.

    International Business Development

    We also help to establish in-country Sales, Prices, Roles and Responsibilities, Liabilities, Territory and Commission structures. Please share your information, ideas and thoughts by completing “contact us” webpage.

    Growth through Partnership

    This program is custom designed to harness free (solar) fuel to save money, save energy, save environment and create in-country sustainable employment. Our whole process creates captive opportunities and plans backward integration to local assembly plant to meet the created demand, reduce costs to improve profits while saving energy environment and creating sustainable employment.

    For more please share your thoughts through Contact Us webpage at your convenience.